This is why I Keto

I’d like to be able to tell you that I started this way of eating in the hopes of treating a previously know health issue, but I didn’t get my PCOS diagnosis until AFTER I started Keto. The truth is, like most humans, I’m a vain vain creature who didn’t enjoy looking like a balloon stuffed full of lumpy potatoes on the brink of popping at any given moment…

After searching through various weight loss and progress subreddits I found Keto & Keto is in fact very good for treating symptoms associated with PCOS, that’s how I found out I had it. I kept seeing the lovely ladies of r/xxketo referring to PCOS and how it helped their symptoms, so being the curious little shit that I am I just HAD to know what the heck PCOS stood for!

PCOS is the abbreviated term for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it’s actually more common than you’d think. It’s a hormone imbalance that causes all sorts of fun problems, including but not limited to: irregular periods, excess hair, cysts & insulin resistance. After looking it up I started going through a mental check list of my known health problems and with almost every symptom listed I would think “check, yup got that one, that one too, unfortunately yes” and it suddenly all clicked for me.

All of these seemingly unrelated problems I’ve had, starting around puberty, actually have one common source and it already has a name! Of course I went to see my Dr. for an official diagnosis and did the ultrasounds, blood work, etc. Let’s be honest, sometimes the internet can convince us were going to die tomorrow when researching symptoms for health issues (you have a headache and a stuffy nose…according to webMD that’s not a cold, it must be cancer/imminent death).

But I finally had answers for my painful cysts, I finally had answers for my very unbalanced hormones, mood swings & depression. I finally had answers. Suddenly I wasn’t alone in dealing with these issues, I had Cysters out there!!! Get it…like sisters…I’ll just see myself out now.

For me this is why Keto isn’t just some fad diet, it’s a lifestyle. Even if I don’t always stay strict Keto I’m going to be low carb for life (and you can bet your left tit I’m definitely not going back to sugar any time in the foreseeable future). I’ve found the key to better health and that’s not something you just throw away lightly. It’s no longer an issue of I can’t live without sweets, b/c I can live without painful cysts. It’s no longer about how fat I look in this outfit, b/c it’s about not feeling horrible after almost every meal. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired & I found something that works for me (with minimal effort).

Plus the food is just sooo freakin’ good on Keto.

This is why I Keto. My health, both physically & mentally, became more important than some stupid food or craving. I became more important!

What brought you to the Ketogenic lifestyle?

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


6 thoughts on “This is why I Keto

  1. Sherry's Turn says:

    I started for several reasons, first my dad recently suffered a massive stroke and watching him suffer and having had a minor stroke myself years ago, put a fire under my feet! I had to do something for my own health. I also suffer from Fibromyagolia & Crohn’s. I’ve already noticed a difference a diffence in my body since on Keto!

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