Keto Krate Review – July 2015 Box

I know this is a little behind but I wanted to give my impressions on the first Keto Krate that was sent out in July. I decided to take the plunge and become a “founding” subscriber to the Keto Krate service because I thought this is something I could really get behind. Keto friendly snacks delivered to my door once a month, sign me up! I live in an area where Keto friendly snacking options aren’t the easiest to find.


Sturdy packaging & cool design.

I really like the sturdy design of the box itself, won’t have to worry that my snacks will get damaged in the shipping (smashed snacks would make me sad).


The box came with several little papers to read and a nice little founding subscriber card (made me feel special, lol.).

The Goods tells you about, well, the goods that you get in your box. Short description, retail price & where you can find it.

Keto Krate Educate gives you some, hopefully useful, info. This one included a little piece on fiber, protein bars & uses for Mio.

Keto Kase Study lets you follow the progress of two different people trying Keto, one man (Matt) & one woman (Katie). Mostly just an intro in this one.

Then there’s Keto Kitchen which gives you a little recipe to try out, this one was for Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes.

Now to the good part, what actually came in the Krate.


The goods.

The first Krate came with a nice little selection and started off with a bang! It actually came with a decent amount of goods, more than I was expecting.

Moon Cheese – (retail price $4.99) – (1g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a like. I just want to say I had been WANTING to try this for quite some time and was beyond excited to see it in the box. If I had to describe the texture it’s kind of like a squeaky cheeze it…but in a good way. Now the price is a little much for a snack so it wouldn’t be something I’d be able to buy on the regular, but if it was available in my area I might get it as a monthly treat.

People’s Choice Beef Jerky – (retail price $ 4.50) – (1g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a like. It can be hard to find Keto friendly beef jerky, something I didn’t expect when starting Keto, so this was a nice addition. I’m always a fan of dried meats. This one had good flavor but was just a little drier than I like my beef jerky, was still tasty.

Epic Bar: Bacon – (retail price $ 2.50) – (0g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was mixed feelings. I was a little unsure about this one because of the look and texture but it’s not bad. Reminded me of eating cold bbq, has a hint of a smokey flavor. Nice source of protein & fat with a little break from the sugar alcohols that come with most “sweetened” protein bars.

Ziggy Marley’s: Roasted Hempseeds – (retail price $9.99) – (1g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a like. This one came in the Caribbean Crunch flavor, a very strong/distinct flavor. Good for solo snacking or topping on things like salad. Just a quick can get stuck in your teeth warning, hempseeds are small (chia seeds are bad about this too). Though this one was fun to try with a price tag of around $10 I don’t think I’d get it again. I honestly keep forgetting this is sitting in my cabinet, I should really remember to use it.

Quest Nutrition: Protein Bars – (retail price $2.39) – (3-4g net carbs per serving)

-First impression was a like. Came with two different flavors to try, chocolate chip cookie dough & strawberry cheesecake. I’ve had Quest bars before, the chocolate chip cookie dough to be exact (baked them into protein cookies), and I find them on the grainy side. A lot of people were complaining about the strawberry cheesecake flavor but I’m glad it was included, it’s one of the first quest bars that I’ve actually liked. If you don’t like the grainy texture with Quest bars I recommend to try popping them in the microwave for about 10 seconds, greatly improves the flavor for most of them (but they can get a little sticky so don’t do it on a paper towel…I found that one out for myself).

Sarayo Sauce: Wasabi-yo Original – (retail price $4.00) – (<1g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a like. There was a little mix up with the distributor on this one. They originally planned on sending the Wasabi flavored Sarayo but after a communication mishap they decided to just leave the Origianl flavor instead of delaying the shipping, I’m glad shipping wasn’t delayed but I think the Wasabi flavor would have been a little more interesting to try. Sarayo is a sriracha flavored mayo, I’ve actually done this myself by just mixing sriracha in mayo. Sarayo is a fun little concept, great for saving a step, and definitely a little spicier than my homemade attempt. I do have to say this was a MUCH more pleasant experience than the time I tried baconnaise, some things just don’t need to be mayo.

Eden: Spicy Pumpkin Seeds – (retail price $3.09) – (<1g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a yum. I’ve never really had pumpkin seeds but these delicious little macro wonders were a hit for me. Great source of magnesium in a nice little spicy package, pumpkin seeds are really a nice little Keto power food. Really filling and the spice keeps me from overdoing it, I have a little portioned serving of these in my desk at work in case I ever forget my lunch and get hangry.

Krunchy Melts: Chocolate Meringues – (retail price $2.50) – (0g net carbs per serving)

– First impression was a LOVE. Saved my favorite for last! These little light, crunchy, melt in your mouth chocolate meringues were O.M.G. delicious. The little description on The Goods sheet suggested storing them in your freezer for a one at a time after dinner treat but I just went ham on these babies. Definitely can see myself ordering some as a little present for myself one day, though not today (my bank account says NO), lol.

I’m glad they included a little note on why they didn’t put chocolate in the July Krate. Reason, because summer is HOT and chocolate does not do well when in heat (melting tends to happen). The lovely people of Keto Krate do plan on including chocolate when the temperatures drop. As someone who lives in the Southern U.S. I just want to tell them THANK YOU, it’s hot here and I don’t want to have to worry that my box is sitting on the porch melting before I can get to it.

DSC_0227 DSC_0229

Total Retail Value for this box was shown as $36.35, so you aren’t really getting these things for a steal but you are getting the convenience of having them picked out for you and sent to your doorstep. If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for unknown items you may or may not enjoy just wait until someone like me shows what they put in it and order what interests you from somewhere online, or if you live in a more diverse are pick it up at the store.

I absolutely enjoy the ever living mess out of surprises so this is fun for me. It is possible that I may get entirely tooooo excited when my box gets in (you’d think it was Christmas morning).

From me it’s a positive review and a go ahead if your budget can afford it, I made sure to adjust my grocery budget accordingly. Hope this helps anyone who was curious but unsure if they should take the plunge, if you are interested you can find info and subscribe here.

Each month I want to do a detailed review of the Keto Krate contents for the curious, and if I get my computer to cooperate I also hope to start doing some un-boxing videos. I’m going to post my review for the August Krate soon, still haven’t tried a few things out.

Because the Krate is such a nice quality box I want to try and find a way to re-use it every month. That’s how my July Krate became Lyla’s Krate! My dog is tall and sometimes it’s hard for her to eat when her food is on the floor, no choking please. I wanted something to elevate her bowl just a little higher that wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Instead of buying an expensive stand I just used a box cutter and some imagination, voila my problem was solved! Bonus toy storage included (she really like pulling the toys out).


Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

7 thoughts on “Keto Krate Review – July 2015 Box

  1. ketogenicchick says:

    This is a great idea for people who have limited access to keto friendly products/ snacks. Your review is also great for those of us who do have access, to learn about products that we can purchase, to try for ourselves! Thank you :o)

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