Friday Update – 8/21/15

This week the scale jumped up by half a pound and I’m happy about it.

My body has found a rhythm and it’s working for me. I’ve taken to daily weight tracking to see if a trend will emerge and I think I’ve found mine.

The trend is down!

The trend is down!

I seem to fluctuate between the same few pounds for about two weeks then start dropping over the following two weeks and it’s all thanks to being a girl…that’s right b/c of shark week, getting a visit from my aunt flo, opening the gates of the underworld, etc. (I made that last one up, but if you didn’t catch on it’s my period).

I know “O.M.G. ewwww, she is talking about her period” but seriously it’s a natural thing, most girls deal with it and there’s no sense in avoiding the subject, so deal.

The reason I’m happy I didn’t drop this week is that I want my body to take time in losing weight. I know everyone wants to be at the finish line before they even start the race but I’m in a marathon not a sprint. My body NEEDS the down time to adjust to all of these dramatic changes, I’ve dropped about 56 lbs in approx. 8 months (dude, that’s a lot).

The method of slow and steady really adds up over time and works for me. I want my skin to have time to heal the damage I’ve done to it, I’m personally very prone to scarring and stretch marks. I don’t want to look like a deflated balloon when I reach my goal weight! I take preventative measures for that as well: hydration, bio oil, exercise & vitamins. Ultimately though it’s really down to genetics and time.

You don’t drop every week and that’s ok (it’s actually good). Just trust that your body knows what it’s doing, I do.

This weeks mini celebrate moment is brought to you by my armpits – they lost fat! Random I know, but now I can get that nice smooth shave and my arm pits are actually pits not lumps.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate

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