Keto Krate Review – August 2015 Box

It took me a while but I’ve finally tried everything that came in the August Keto Krate! Let me just say the contents this month were really diverse and there wasn’t anything I didn’t mind trying, some may not be repeats but there was nothing I down right disliked.

The papers included in this month’s Krate:

What’s in the box? – broke down what came in the August Krate, including a short description of each item with price, net carbs & availability. I did see a few net carb & spelling mistakes but that’s nothing another proof read couldn’t solve (I know I’m constantly editing things, mistakes happen).

Keto Krate Educate – was a little write up called Why We(I) Keto, basically with a little explanation of why Jordan (one of the Keto Krate guys) chooses to Keto. I actually did something similar in my THIS IS WHY I KETO post.

Keto Kase Study – gave us an update on how Matt & Katie are progressing in their journey with Keto, both seem to be doing well.

Keto Kitchen – included a BLT Guacamole  with Low Carb Fried Tortillas recipe, showing how you can use the low carb tortillas that came in this month’s Krate.


The goods!


SeaBear Salmon Jerky

retail price $6.99

net carbs per serving: < 1g

First impression was a like.

Now if you’re someone who does not enjoy the taste/smell of fish then this one is definitely NOT for you. It both smells and tastes of straight up fish tank, but I like it! If you’re a fish lover like me then this is something you WOULD like. It was definitely something different than the usual beef, which is what usually comes to mind when you think of jerky.

 The fish taste is strong so I suggest having something to cleanse your palate afterwards.

DSC_0337Super Seedz Pumpkin Seeds

retail price $4.99

net carbs per serving: 2g

First impression was a kinda like.

Personally I preferred the spicy pumpkin seeds from the July Krate, that’s just more my thing. My brother on the other hand really enjoys these Tomato Italiano flavored Super Seedz.

His exact words were “It’s like a refreshing burst of pizza!”

So don’t count them out just because they weren’t my favorite, everyone has different tastes.

DSC_0343La Tortilla Factory: low carb tortillas

retail price $4.99

net carbs per serving: 3g 6g

First impression was a like.

On the What’s in the Box? sheet it has these listed as 3g net per serving but they are actually 6g net carbs per serving (which is one tortilla). I’m a big fan of low carb tortillas, in fact before my Krate came in I had just restocked my fridge with them (I’m now in a slight excess of tortillas). I’ve had the La Tortilla Factory brand before and I like them, though I do prefer the Mission Carb Balance brand. Probably because of the high fiber content in these tortillas (if they aren’t warmed a little) they do tend to break when trying to fold or roll.

I’ve already put these babies to use and my excess is your gain, I posted a simple to follow recipe for Crispy Pan Fried Quesadillas that will have you using these up in no time! Here’s what I’ve done with the tortillas that came in my Krate so far.


Cheese Quesadilla w/all the toppings!


Pan Fried Pork Burrito!

DSC_0341ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Protein Bars

retail price $2.33

net carbs per serving: 7-8g

First impression was a like.

You read that right, these babies are a little higher on the carb count. The guys at Keto Krate suggest you cut them up into multiple servings and put them in the freezer for “a little treat” every now and then. This Krate came with two flavors to try: peanut butter chocolate chip and strawberry supreme. I tried the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor and I took the full carb hit of an entire bar (was running late for work and it was in grabbing distance). I do like that it doesn’t have any sugar alcohols, but that also means it has a little more natural sugar per serving than I usually prefer. Something I did like about these bars is that they have less of the “grainy” texture I usually associate with Quest bars.

The wrapper does boast to be all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO & and excellent source of protein & fiber. On the back they claim to be “America’s purest all natural protein bar!” in all caps of course. From a Keto point of view I see this one more as a treat than a real protein bar, it will be easier to work into your day if you break each bar into multiple servings like the lovely fellas at Keto Krate suggest.

Will I get these again? Probably not, but I’m not a big protein bar user to begin with. Maybe.

Edit: Just tried the Strawberry Supreme flavor and it hands down better than the Quest brand Strawberry Cheesecake flavored protein bar. If you split this bar into two servings it would be a nice little protein snack for 4g net carbs, a lot more manageable than the 8g for a whole bar. The use of natural ingredients is really evident and it get’s the strawberry cheesecake taste across without going too sweet, something that can happen with the use of sugar alcohols.

DSC_0332Sea Point Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

retail price $0.99

net carbs per serving: 5g 2g

First impression was a like.

Again here the info sheet had these listed at 5g net carbs per serving when, according to the packaging, they are 2g net carbs. This was another one that came with two flavors for the same product: Wasabi and Sea Salt. These were definitely a new food texture for me to try and I like them! The wasabi edamame are like a little food russian roulette though, some of them have a little more flavoring than the others. I like to mix them half  Sea Salt edamame and half Wasabi edamame when snacking, is it going to be a nice crunchy treat or is my sinus cavity about to experience a wasabi exorcism? Both flavors are enjoyable and a nice crunchy snack option.


Go Lightly Sugar Free Candy

retail price $2.25

net carbs per serving: 1g

First impression was a like.

I was a little hesitant to try these, like I am with most sugar free candies (I’ve heard about the sugar free gummy bears). The serving size is listed as four hard candies but I’ve limited myself to no more than one a day and it doesn’t seem to cause an insulin response. The lemon flavor is very enjoyable and it’s not toooo sweet like some sugar free candy tends to be. It’s sweetened with Splenda, a sweetener I already know I don’t have issues with. I really liked these and recommend them in moderation. I know they have other flavors available and this may be something I look for in the future.

DSC_0340Jonty Jacobs Biltong

retail price $10.99

net carbs per serving: 1g

First impression was an absolute LOVE!

I saved my favorite for last. This has to be some of the best beef jerky I’ve EVER had. The price tag is $10.99 for a reason, because it’s some good quality stuff! Now is this something I’ll be able to get regularly, sadly, no. Believe me, if I could justify spending $11 on beef jerky I would, it would always be in my kitchen. Tender and not dried out at all with a little bit of fat still included. It’s sliced nice and thin and feels like a true snack indulgence. I highly recommend trying it if you can afford it!

Total Krate Retail Value listed at $36.85

This month I reused the Krate as a simple storage box for spices in my cabinet (cut the lid off). Not as interesting as last Krate and it didn’t really seem picture worthy.

I hope you enjoyed this break down and that you may have seen something you’ll want to track down and try yourself. If you’re interested in subscribing to Keto Krate please use this referral link. My budget would greatly appreciate the help.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

4 thoughts on “Keto Krate Review – August 2015 Box

  1. Tootsie says:

    Thank you KT – I am slowly moving in the KETO direction – I think I will eventually go full on KETO. Just by dabbling in it, I’m down 5 pounds. Please keep up the posts and the recipes – love them all. And, I am encouraged to follow in your footsteps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • KtO_Keto says:

      That one really surprised me and it’s sweetened with Splenda (something I know doesn’t cause an insulin response for me). I believe they also come in different flavors as well.


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