Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

I figured it was time I explained the way I end my blog posts.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

This is actually a reminder for myself. It’s the mantra that goes through my head to keep me on track with Keto. Hydration, Satiation & Celebration are three things that I always need to work on and these key words help me to remember that.


This one is almost self explanatory. Hydrate is a reminder to DRINK MORE WATER. Hydration is important in a diet like this because it can be a natural diuretic (you pee a lot). Staying on top of your water intake also helps your body from getting…backed up, if you’re having trouble expelling “waste” then you may not be staying as hydrated as you should.

When you flush your system on a regular basis you also tend to flush some electrolytes and electrolytes are important! That’s why Hydrate also reminds me to keep up my magnesium, potassium and sodium intake. Some people really underestimate the importance of keeping their electrolytes balanced and then wonder why they don’t feel well.

Some signs of an electrolyte imbalance are headaches, fatigue & muscle cramps (leg cramps being the most common). This can be referred to as the “keto flu”, which is completely avoidable if you keep up your electrolytes to the recommended levels while in ketosis.

5000 mg sodium

1000 mg potassium

300 mg magnesium

These can be attained through your diet alone but some choose to use supplements as well.


Satiate is a reminder about my macros.

Carbs are a LIMIT.

Protein is a GOAL.

Fat is used to SATIATE.

The only thing you need to try and reach every day is your protein goal. You do not have to reach your set fat goal every day, think of it more as an upper limit that you don’t want to pass. You eat fat to satiety and use it to help reach your calorie goals for the day, it also helps reduce hunger. I like to cook with real butter, coconut oil & bacon grease to help get some yummy fats into my meals.


This may be the most important reminder for me. Celebrate the small things. Not every achievement you make on Keto is going to be about weight, there are sooo many Non Scale Victories (NSVs) that are totally celebration worthy.

  • Your rings finally fit again, do a happy dance.
  • Those shorts that have been in your drawer for two years finally go on without a struggle, strike a victory pose you super hero.
  • You didn’t give in to those doughnuts sitting in the break room at work even though the sugar was singing you it’s sultry siren song, give yourself the highest of fives.

Celebrate these little victory moments because they are important! They help get me through those days my scale is just being a real butt. These little mini celebration moments help remind me why Keto is a lifestyle for me and not just a diet.

These are just three things I try to remind myself everyday. We all have different things we need to work on as we make our journey through this thing we call life.

What things do you try to remember daily? How do you remind yourself?

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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