Friday Update – 9/11/15

Has it been a week already? Sorry about the radio silence, I was sick for a few days thanks to a low carb blueberry muffin incident (that’s a post in itself).

My weight is flowing down again this week, 1 lb to be exact, even after my miserable Monday and terrible Tuesday.

I learned that my food issues with overeating have not gone away (knew they were still there) and that certain foods will just have to be off limits for me, low carb blueberry muffins are now on that list. They were good, too good, and a it’s like flip was switched off on my self control. I Couldn’t. Stop. Eating.

Even though I had that little hiccup this week I just kept chugging along and didn’t let it throw me completely off. Just goes to show you that everyone has their own problems to deal with and no one is perfect. This weekend I will be reaching a 250 day streak tracking on My Fitness Pal and that was my first real food binge since starting, so I can’t get too mad at myself.

It’s pouring rain today so work is slow and I may just have to swim home this afternoon. I have been enjoying this great article on 11 reasons why every woman should lift, written by a fellow r/xxketo member (/u/barbellbunnyj). It’s really well thought out and cited. Lifting is my next step in this process and I found this information really useful.

NSV of the week:

Another clothing NSV this week, though this one is a little annoying. The size 13 jeans I bought in college, but could never wear, are now constantly falling & no longer require to be unbuttoned when removed. Of course that means I’m constantly pulling my pants up again (not a belt fan). BUT I did also fit into a pair of pajama pants that I got from the University my Dad works for, not sure if I got them in late high school or early college. These suckers were always a little too tight but now I have to tie the drawstring to keep them from slipping down! Probably means my butt is disappearing (just another reason to take up lifting).

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


One thought on “Friday Update – 9/11/15

  1. Lady J says:

    First, I have to thank you for showing me love and linking to my article, it means a lot!

    As to your struggle with the blueberry muffins, I know what you mean all too well. I was looking up a bunch of keto desserts I would love to make, and then realized that I would be right back in the habit of over indulging in snacks if I started making them. It’s as if I can never be satisfied by a little bit…am always left thinking how much better it would be if I could eat more. Really hard to change old thought patterns like that.

    Congratulations on your 250 day streak, that dedication though 🙂

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