Keto Delivered Review – August 2015 Box

It’s finally time for me to review the very first Keto Delivered box!

This is a great Keto friendly subscription box that provides items from artisans, farmer’s markets and small batch foods. It’s aimed at supporting small businesses while providing high quality goods.

Something I REALLY like with this box is that it provided recipes for almost every item and that’s why this review is a little on the longer side! I tried most of the recipes so I’d be able to give ya’ll some decent feed back and the best review possible (& of course I took pictures to share).

The papers included in this month’s box.


A breakdown of the items included in the box. It gave a small description of the item, it’s retail value & listed the web address for the company that makes it.


Featured Recipe. This month’s featured recipe was a Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken that uses the Eliot’s Adult Nut Butter included in the box.


The goods!

The goods!

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky

serving size: 28g

net carbs per serving: 2g

kcal: 60  protein: 10g  fat: 1.5g  sugars: 1g

Retail Value $8.00

Retail Value $8.00

I’m a fan of dried meats so it’s going to take a lot for me not to like a jerky! This was definitely a unique jerky with a strong flavor and I enjoyed it, it’s a little on the drier side but still good. I loved the packaging, the whole write up on the back took the felon theme and ran with it, and the fact that it was resealable (I think, it’s been a little while since I finished the bag off…). The only thing I didn’t like was that it could get a little messy, flavoring powder all over my desk, but it’s really easy to clean that up. If you like big flavor, jerky & themed product then Righteous Felon just might be the company you’re looking for!


Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters: Spicy Thai Peanut Butter

serving size: 14g (1 tbsp)

net carbs per serving: 2g

kcal: 80  protein: 3g  fat: 5g  sugars: 0g

Retail Value $8.99

Retail Value $8.99

Now this was an interesting product to try. Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters takes us away from the sweet peanut butter most of us know and love and introduces a whole new world of savory! Now I probably wouldn’t eat this on it’s own, just not my thing, but the cooking applications are fantastic! There were two recipes provided on the Keto Delivered website to try out and I made both.

The Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken was this month’s Featured Recipe for a reason. It’s a full flavor satisfying meal that really wasn’t that hard to make (though I did burn my first batch of chicken thigh skins…I get distracted easily). They recommend it be served over cauliflower rice, zoodles, or your favorite vegetable with extra butter. I decided to go with a mixed steamer bag of broccoli & cauliflower and a healthy serving of salted Kerrygold butter (sooo good).


Not in the mood for something THAT savory, not a problem, there’s a Spicy Thai Peanut Butter Cookie recipe you can try. Now mine definitely did not come out super sweet but I like it that way, you could add more sweetener if you so desire. This cookie does lean more towards the savory side with a an undertone of sweet and an aftertaste of spice, a mini flavor roller coaster. My brother is a FAN of these, I really like them as well but so far every time I’ve eaten one I get hiccups…probably just a coincidence though, I’ve only tried two cookies.


Oaktown Spice Shop: Everything But The Bagel

serving size: ?

net carbs per serving: ?

kcal: ?  protein: ?  fat: ?  sugars: ?

Retail Value $5.25

Retail Value $5.25

Honestly I have no idea what the nutrition info for this particular spice blend is but boy is it good. It smells similar to garlic powder which can have about 2g net carbs per tsp, I usually use caution with spice blends in general b/c I’m just like that. This Better Than Everything Bagel Spice is made by a company called Oaktown Spice Shop, a small company in the Bay Area.

Warning: Using this spice blend when cooking will make your house smell AMAZING!

As much as I like it I’m not going to be able to get much use out of it personally b/c I think I may be allergic to one of the spices. 😦  Every time I tried eating something that included the spice blend my throat got really irritated, not enough to be a problem but just enough to annoy the ever living mess out of me. Just means more for my brother, I’m sure he won’t mind that, lol.

This one also came with two recipes to try out, the first being some Everything Bagel Sticks. It’s a dough recipe similar to the fat head pizza crust, just spiced with the seasoning blend and rolled into sticks instead of a flat crust.


This spice is really versatile and can be used on practically anything. Want something to change up your usual protein? Here’s the Easy Bagel Spice Chicken Bake recipe that will have you covered.


I turned it into a full on meal and made some Alfredo broccoli to go with it.


The Gilded Nut: Mediterranean Herb Pistachios

serving size: 28g (shelled)

net carbs per serving: 5g

kcal: 160  protein: 6g  fat: 13g  sugars: 2g


Retail Value $3.67

The Gilded Nut is actually my first time trying pistachios and I’ve apparently lived a sheltered life. These are fantastic, really like the Mediterranean herb flavoring, though I am apparently one of THE SLOWEST pistachio eaters in the world…seriously, it took me 4+ hours to finally finish eating them. I’m also not coordinated enough to open the shells without sending them flying.

Overall enjoyed getting to try these out.


Seven Coffee: Brazil Carmo de Minas

serving size: 8 oz.

net carbs per serving: 0

kcal: 1-3  protein: 0  fat: 0  sugars: 0

Retail Value $7.00

Retail Value $7.00

This whole bean coffee from Seven Coffee Roasters gave me the perfect excuse to get the coffee/spice grinder I’ve had my eye on for a few months.

Can I just say I loveeee the smell of fresh coffee beans, I don’t want to admit how many times I just smelled the bag. This is actually my first time using fresh ground coffee and it really wasn’t that difficult. In the past I’ve never been a big coffee drinker but that’s been changing since I’ve started Keto, it’s become essential to starting my day at work.

I tried this both hot and cold and by far recommend it as a cold coffee! I just put my unused brewed coffee in the fridge for the morning, but there is a Cold Brew Coffee recipe provided. I do want to try the method of cold brewing I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Now when I tried this coffee warm it didn’t really jump out to me as amazing, I usually drink a darker roast myself, but when I tried it cold it was a game changer.


This made for some of the smoothest iced coffee I’ve ever had! I literally just finished it and didn’t want it to end. I keep my coffee simple with just 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream and 2 tbsp of whatever sugar free Torani flavoring I feel like (currently french vanilla).



serving size: 3/4 cup powder + 3tbsp oil

net carbs per serving: 7g

kcal: 600  protein: 27g  fat: 50g  sugars: 5g

Retail Value $15.00

Retail Value $15.00

Don’t freak out looking at the nutrition info! KetoSoy is meant to be a meal replacement shake, I’ll be honest I was a little unsure about this one.

I opted to first try out the KetoSoy Meal Replacement Muffin recipe. I REALLY like these! Easy to make, just used my immersion blender to mix so easy clean up, and super easy to grab and go in the morning.


They’re not overly sweetened, which you can adjust if you want, so they paired perfectly with my carbmaster yogurt (which is too sweet for me).


The KetoSoy Meal Replacement Milkshake is 10/10 on taste but the texture is just not my thing. I blended it A LOT but it still left a grainy texture in my mouth, think that may be partially due to some small chia seeds in the mix (not really sure).


Total box Retail Value listed at $47.91

The retail value is actually MORE than what you pay, the Keto Delivered box runs for $34.99 + $5 flat rate shipping. I like a good deal!

I hope this helped someone out and if you’re interested in more info check out the Keto Delivered website.

Next month I will also have an unboxing video for ya’ll because I’m finally setting up my YouTube Channel. Sooo exciting!

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

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