Friday Update – 9/25/15

Is it seriously already October next week?!?!

There’s not going to be an NSV of the week this time because this whole update is going to be about Non Scale Victories!

Now I still have trouble seeing a difference in myself so picture comparisons are a really important tool for my mental health.


I’m finally starting to see a real difference after 260+ days tracking, 55 lbs down, a skinnier nose and a bigger smile later! The mental aspect of weight loss is actually more difficult in my opinion, so this is huge for me.

I’ve also been on a HUGE organization/cleaning kick this week (don’t know where that came from) and I’m hoping it continues throughout the weekend. So far I’ve conquered my kitchen pantry, fridge, upper kitchen cabinets, replaced the burnt out lights in the kitchen and now it feels sooooo much better in there. I even hung up my splatter guards and reorganized the counter.


There’s still a few things to do in the kitchen but I finally worked up the nerve to start the process of cleaning out my dresser and closet. After this much weight loss there are definitely a few things that don’t fit anymore but I’ve been hesitant to get rid of them. I think in the back of my mind I’m worried I’ll need them again, even though they look ridiculous on me now. But for my own mental well being they have GOT TO GO. It’s my way of accepting that I’ve made  a lifestyle change and that I do not plan on going back there. Hopefully without having the safety net of larger clothes I won’t let myself slip back into old habits. The pile was definitely not a small one!


Lyla couldn’t stand all the excitement of cleaning and was beyond ready for bed when I finally finished.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

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