Friday Update – 10/09/15

I decided to do another week of eating closer to maintenance calories this week and I feel like that was a good decision, was desperately in need of  a little break. So of course I maintained my weight, no loss/no gain just the same.

Even though I didn’t lose I have noticed my clothes are loads baggier, not just my pants and shirts but my undergear as well…soooo I went shopping for some underpants (yup underwear) b/c baggy underwear leads to constant wedgies and that. is. not. what’s. up!

These are the little things that you don’t think about having to replace when losing weight, lol.

I also have to get new slippers b/c apparently my feet are also a smaller size. When I tried to wear the pair I had last winter they flew straight off my feet! Ya’ll I can’t not have slippers for winter, I live in an old uninsulated raised house. In the winter those drafty wooden floors feel like they are made up of dementors sent to suck all of the warmth and happiness from my life! So I guess slippers will be my next purchase.

This weight loss thing is getting expensive. :/

NSV of the week:

I made my first cooking video! I was a little nervous about that but it actually came out pretty good for being shot on a cell phone. I just feel like I’ve hit a creative groove lately (Which means my hormones are probably balancing out!).

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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