Keto Delivered Review – September 2015 Box

It’s already time for another Keto Delivered review! I did an unboxing earlier this month over on my YouTube channel if you didn’t get to see it.

This is a great Keto friendly subscription box that provides items from artisans, farmer’s markets and small batch foods. It’s aimed at supporting small businesses while providing high quality goods.

This subscription service is really good about providing recipes for most of the items supplied each month. To give ya’ll the best review possible I make it a point to try as many of these recipes as possible!

You’ll notice when reading this review that some of the words may be pink, those are hyperlinks that will take you to the site/recipe/video associated with what’s being mentioned. 🙂

Let’s get down to the good part.

The papers included in this month’s box.


A breakdown of the items included in the box. It gave a small description of the item, it’s retail value & listed the web address for the company that makes it.


Featured Recipe. This month’s featured recipe was a Pumpkin Pie Spice Waffle with Walnut Glaze using the Life of Riley Foods Walnut butter.

The goods!

The goods!

Long Beach Jerky Gramps Original

serving size: 28g

net carbs per serving: 2g

kcal: 110  protein: 15g  fat: 4g  sugars: 1g

Retail Value $5.99

Retail Value $5.99

This is a nice thick cut jerky made by the Long Beach Jerky Company, a craft jerky co. that uses locally sourced meat and a family recipe. This Gramps Original does have a strong flavor of soy sauce to it, that’s why I like it. This is an overall good jerky that gets an A+ from me!


Vita Perk Original

 serving size: 1.5g (1 package)

net carbs per serving: 1g

kcal: 5  protein: 0g  fat: 0g  sugars: <1g


Retail Value $4.99

If you’re a coffee lover that’s looking for a way to get some extra vitamins and minerals then this may be for you. Vita Perk boasts to have 15 vitamins & minerals included as a way to “smart your coffee”. We received the Original, which is their “signature blend”, and though it claims “It is flavorless, so it allows the flavor of your favorite cup of coffee to shine through.” there was still a hint of an aftertaste that doesn’t normally accompany my morning coffee (it was by no means an unpleasant taste though). I don’t know if this little vitamin & mineral boost really does anything more than give a little piece of mind but I like the idea of it. I did notice that when I added this to my large hot coffee I was a little more “jittery” than just the normal caffeine boost. Interesting product to try and I know they have other flavored varieties as well if this seems like something you might be interested in.


serving size: 1 fl oz (30 mL)

net carbs per serving: 1g

kcal: 220  protein: 1g  fat: 25g  sugars: 1g


Retail Value $7.00

I know butter coffee, or bulletproof coffee, is a popular way to get extra fats among some in the Keto community. Personally, as someone currently at the lower side of the daily kcal limit, this isn’t really something that I can fit into my day without throwing off my other nutrient goals. I usually get close to my daily fats through my everyday diet without a needed boost, but this would have been nice when I first started Keto and had a little more wiggle room in my macros.

Ninjagoatnutrition fatCoffee is an easy way to make a butter coffee in a minute or less. According to the package it’s made with organic coconut and grass-fed butter (I believe it also has MCT oil & powdered goat’s milk as well). It comes in a convenient portable pouch that you can take with you on the go.

The Keto Delivered site did include two drink recipes and I decided to give the Raspberry Smoothie a try. My coconut milk kind of overpowered the the whole thing so I didn’t really notice any added taste from the fatCoffee. I do still have two packets left so I plan on trying it another way (I’ll update this review when I do).

Two Snooty Chefs – Southwest Sedona

serving size: 3g (1 tsp)

net carbs per serving: 2g

kcal: 5  protein: 0.2g  fat: 0.2g  sugars: 1g


Retail Value $6.95

This Southwest Sedona seasoning is made by a company called Two Snooty Chefs, they make small batch spice blends to order. I have too much fun saying this company name and you can tell they care about their product from the quality. Can I just say that I’m in love with this packaging! It has a nice simple color scheme & design, the clear lid is a nice touch as well allowing you to see the colorful contents.


Now here’s where the real recipe fun begins. The first thing I decided to try with this spice was the Stuffed Pork Chops and this recipe opened up a whole new world of cooking pork for me. Why didn’t I think of stuffing pork chops before? The original recipe called for 1/4 of a red bell pepper, but I can’t eat the red ones so I went with a 1/4 of a yellow bell pepper instead and it came out fantastic.


I served mine with a side of cheesy mozzarella spinach.


Look at all of that delicious filling!


The second recipe provided for this seasoning blend was an Easy Southwest Chicken Casserole. They weren’t lying about the easy part, the only thing that might be a little time consuming is the cauliflower (& that’s not even that hard to do). I like almost anything covered in cheese so it really wasn’t a hard sell…


Here just watch how easy this was!

Life of Riley Walnut Butter

serving size: 28g (2 Tbsp)

net carbs per serving: 2g

kcal: 190  protein: 4g  fat: 19g  sugars: 1g


Retail Value $18.00

Now this one is a little bit on the pricier side when it comes to the retail value but it’s honestly the product I’ve gotten the most use out of in this box. This walnut butter is from Life of Riley Foods, a company focused on making small-batch specialty nut butters. If you don’t like walnuts then this obviously isn’t going to be for you, lol. This nut butter has such a rich & earthy taste, it feels almost decadent. It also packs a whopping 19 g of fat per serving!

The first recipe I decided to try was the Pumpkin Spice Walnut Muffins and I’ll probably be making a second batch in the not too distant future.


The walnut butter gave this muffin an extremely rich taste that paired fantastically with a pat of salted Kerrygold butter. These little beauties were delicious both warm & cold, they also weren’t overly sweet which is a plus for me (I’m sure you can add more sweetener if you desire.).


The Pumpkin Pie Spice Waffles with Walnut Glaze was this month’s featured recipe and it almost felt like a cheat meal. I added a little sugar free Hershey’s syrup to make mine an over the top treat.

20151010_085942 20151010_090238

The third recipe provided on the Keto Delivered site was for Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnut Dressing and let me just say yum. I’m a fan of roasted Brussels sprouts anyways but the added toasted walnuts and walnut butter dressing…please and thank you! They paired really well with some oven roasted chicken.


I also enjoyed this walnut butter just spread over some REALLY dark chocolate and drizzled with a little sugar free Hershey’s syrup. The serious richness from the walnut butter paired with just a hint of sweet from the syrup really brought home that good bitter/earthy dark chocolate flavor. It’s really what Keto dreams are made of.


Total box Retail Value listed at $42.93

The retail value is actually more than what you pay, the Keto Delivered box runs for $34.99 + $5 flat rate shipping. I like a good deal!

I hope this helped someone out and if you’re interested in more info check out the Keto Delivered website.

I do have an AWESOME little side note to add to this. Mid way through writing this review today I actually found out I got this month’s free Keto Delivered box! So if you decide to get this Keto subscription service, or even if you’re already subscribed, get to using #ketodelivered on Instagram when you get your box and use the products (you might just get a month free). I hashtag the mess out of my Insta posts anyways, lol. Also couldn’t come at a better time, due to budgeting I may have to knock it down to only doing one Keto subscription service 😦 and hopefully within the next month I’ll get that figured out.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

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