Keto Krate Review – October 2015 Box

It’s time to rate the Krate!

According to their site:

Keto Krate is a monthly delivery of Keto friendly snacks. Each box includes 7-9 tasty snacks as well as unique recipes and useful advice. Dieting isn’t always the easiest. Make sticking to your diet and achieving your goals a little easier with the fun and surprise of different Keto friendly snacks to your door every month.

I did an unboxing earlier this month over on my YouTube channel if you didn’t get to see it.

The papers included in this month’s Krate:


What’s in the box? – broke down what came in the October Krate, including a short description of each item with price, net carbs & availability.


Keto Krate Educate – a write up titled What’s Your Plan?, it was a little piece that brought up the topic of life after your goal is reached.


Keto Kase Study – updates on Katie M. and Matthew H.


Keto Kitchen – included a BBQ Sauce Chicken Pizza recipe that used the Guy’s Award Winning SF BBQ Sauce included in this month’s Krate.

Product Discounts – this is a new addition to the papers normally included, it had 3 different online discount codes that can be used to order additional product from some of the companies included in this month’s box.


The goods!


SweetLeaf Water Drops

retail price $4.99

net carbs per serving: 0g

First impression was a no thank you.

Let me just preface this by saying that I have NEVER liked the taste of Stevia or Stevia sweetened items so this is a biased opinion, lol. It is not a sweetener that my mouth can tolerate the taste of. That aside this is actually better than some Stevia sweetened things I’ve tried previously. It came in a peach mango flavor and the taste just kind of coated my mouth, my brother didn’t like the strong peach flavor so I don’t know what to do with it now. One plus for this product is that the drops are clear so it doesn’t artificially color your water like some other water enhancers. Personally I’m going to stick with my Mio, but if you are someone that does palate the taste of Stevia well then this is actually a really good water drop to try b/c the flavor was on point & I know it comes in several varieties to try: Lemon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, & this Peach Mango.

20151004_163431 ChocoRite Protein Bars x2

retail price $2.99

net carbs per serving: 3g

First impression was a meh.

The box came with two flavors , yellow cake and cookie dough. I love trying new protein bars though this one wasn’t my favorite (but I also didn’t hate it). I’ve seen this brand before in the diabetic section of a local pharmacy but never thought to try it. They boast having a low glycemic impact, only 1g of sugar, malitol free (which is a really good thing) & gluten free. Malitol can be super harsh on the stomach so I always try to avoid it when possible.


The yellow cake bar smelled AMAZING and the taste was definitely spot on, also really enjoyed the soft little flavor nuggets embedded on top. The only downside is how CHEWY these protein bars are, probably due to the really high fiber content. I have to be REALLY careful with chewy and/or hard foods b/c of a permanent retainer on my lower teeth and this definitely almost broke it…which is why I didn’t try freezing it to see how that affected the texture (didn’t think of microwaving it).

20151013_082741 20151013_083018

The cookie dough was a little softer and easier to chew when pulled apart into small pieces. I did like how it had a “filling” in the middle of the bar. There are a lot of “cookie dough” flavored protein bars out there and this wasn’t the best flavor wise that I’ve had. Still not horrible though, which is why I gave it a first impression of a meh (didn’t love it, didn’t hate it).


Aunt Lizzie’s Cheese Straw Bites

retail value $10.25

net carbs per serving: 1g

First impression was a not bad.

Now these crunchy cheese snacks are no Moon Cheese but they were fun to try. The flavor reminded me of an overcooked cheese cracker…so at a little over $10 a bag not something I’d probably get again. They do have wheat gluten as an ingredient, which is something I try to avoid due to some personal food sensitivities (though in small amounts I didn’t have an issue eating these).



Living Intentions: Gone Nuts!

retail value $5.39

net carbs per serving: 4g

First impression was a love/hate kinda thing.

We got to try the Latin inspired Cilantro Lime Mojo flavor and boy was it a STRONG flavor, almost overwhelming. At first bite I wasn’t sure if I actually liked the flavor but then I just couldn’t stop eating them, lol. Definitely recommend having a drink nearby unless you want to taste them all day. This company also seems to be big on natural/organic ingredients:

INGREDIENTS:  Raw Pistachios, Sprouted Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Lime Juice, Organic Fresh Cilantro, Organic Fresh Jalapeno, Organic Cilantro Spice Blend (including garlic), Himalayan Crystal Salt and Lime Oil.


If you like pistachios, pumpkin seeds and flavor with a little kick to it then these may be just what you’re looking for!


Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky

retail value $10.99

net carbs per serving: 1g

First impression was a like.

This was a nice, normal cut, hickory smoked jerky! I always love getting jerky in these boxes because it is hard to find good jerky that is low in sugars/carbs.

It had a little bit of a peppery taste to it that I really enjoyed and I actually ate the whole bag in one sitting…because I was lazy one morning and decided that a bag of beef jerky was appropriate for my work lunch that day, lol.



Guy’s Award Winning Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

retail value $5.99

net carbs per serving: 2g

First impression was a LOVE!

We got the smokey bacon flavor and this is by far the BEST sugar free bbq sauce I’ve tried. This is definitely a product that I will order in the future and as someone who loves a good deal I found that this is available on Netrition at $3.99 a bottle, they have $5.99 flat rate shipping so if you plan on making a big order it may save you some money. At 2g net carbs per 2 Tblsp it’s a bbq lifesaver.

I used mine to make spicy bbq chicken boats last night and it was beyond delicious. Mixed some shredded chicken with full fat cream cheese & taco seasoning. Then I topped it with cheddar, a little habanero cheese and a fresh jalapeno ring. Broiled in the oven until bubbly then placed into romaine boats and drizzled some bbq sauce.


Total Krate Retail Value listed at $43.59

I hope you enjoyed this break down and that you may have seen something you’ll want to track down and try yourself.

Due to budgeting I may have to knock it down to only doing one Keto subscription service 😦 and hopefully within the next month I’ll get that figured out.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Keto Krate please use this referral link. My budget would greatly appreciate the help.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

3 thoughts on “Keto Krate Review – October 2015 Box

  1. dotren says:

    I wonder if the sweetleaf peach would work in mug muffins (low-carb of course!). Thanks for another great review of products.
    Guys BBQ sauce is awesome stuff!
    For the protein bars, some you can cut into 3-4 pieces and microwave on parchment paper for 15-20 seconds to make them *almost* soft cookie like in texture. If they’re too chewy, maybe try that?

    Liked by 1 person

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