Friday Update – 10/30/15

How is it already the end of October?!? I’m not ready for the time to change again and I’m not ready for my Lyla Grace to be another year older.

Lyla is now 3! We don’t know her exact birthday so on her paperwork it’s listed as the 29th, I usually celebrate it on Halloween though. So she got puppy ice cream last night, she’s getting a new toy today and tomorrow I’m thinking of getting a small steak for her (& me).

I mean come on, how can I not treat that sweet face like a princess!

My week with Keto has had some ups and downs. I’ve gotten a little complacent since reaching my second weight goal and think part of that has to do with the fear of the unkown, I seriously can’t remember being a lower weight than I am now. Stress eating is still apparently an issue I haven’t completely conquered but I’m dealing with that (at least it’s keto friendly foods). I seem to have gotten back on track yesterday and my hope is that my little nighttime binge fests are on the way out.

Despite my rocky week my weight is still trending down. I highly recommend tracking regular weight fluctuations in something like My Fitness Pal that gives you graphs of your data, it helps you get to know how your body functions. Knowing how my body works I’ll more than likely have a weight spike next week but that’s normal and it’s usually followed by a new low. Knowing that my overall trend is down keeps me from stressing the small fluctuations.

NSV of the Week:

Earlier this week I went with my brother to find a costume for the Trunk or Treat we volunteered at last night. I still have the mindset of 222 lb Katie and when we finally found what we wanted to go with I thought to myself “There’s no way I’ll fit into that little medium shirt” but it fit perfectly. We went with a Pokemon theme, me and my brother were Pikachu and I let my friend borrow my Charizard hat. I now have a new gym shirt and I just wanted the Charizard hat for winter, lol, so Halloween was the perfect excuse to get them.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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