Friday Update – 11/13/15

This week was just great all around SVs & NSVs alike.

I went on my first real trip since starting Keto last weekend and I actually had an easier time sticking to my macros on the road, lol. Here’s just a few of my grab and go meals from my Trip to Texas:


Double Whataburger w/no bun, love that mustard!


First time finding Salt & Vinegar cracklins and they were great!


Had to have some Texas bbq! Got a brisket dinner, side of green beans & a spring mix salad w/ranch.


On our last night there we shared a fajita party platter. I left the tortillas & rice for everyone else and enjoyed some FRESH guac & pico.

2 sausage patties & 1 egg round from McDonald's, greasy but good!

2 sausage patties & 1 egg round from McDonald’s, greasy but good!


It wouldn’t be a trip to Texas without stopping at Buc-ee’s on the way home.

Great food and a great visit overall. Wanna know something funny? Not one person looked at me weird when I ordered my burger bunless or asked for just sausage and an egg round at McDonald’s (just a quick tip: the egg round is a real cracked egg not powdered eggs like the square). Sometimes we just feel awkward ordering something “different” but honestly most people probably don’t really care, lol.

My diligence paid off b/c I hit my lowest know adult weight this week, I don’t remember the last time I saw a scale read 160 lbs!

NSV of the week:

I finally got the hang of making cheese shells so I’ll def make a short how to video on that, super easy!


I made “taco salad” this week…get it, b/c it’s a salad in a taco shell…I’ll stop now.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

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