The Countdown Begins

As of today I've been tracking on My Fitness Pal for 350 days! The countdown to a year of tracking Keto now begins. How has it already been that long? 350 days without intentional cheats, 350 days of changing my normal, 350 days of improving the heck out of my cooking skills, 350 days of … Continue reading The Countdown Begins


Friday Update – 12/18/15

I'm alive, promise! I'll get back to my normal schedule after the holidays. I've gotten into such a normal routine with Keto that's it's just part of my everyday now. It's such a normal part of my life that I didn't even notice that I've reached like 110% of my original weight loss goals! I'm … Continue reading Friday Update – 12/18/15

Keto Delivered Review – October 2015 Box

It's already time for another Keto Delivered review! I did an unboxing earlier this month over on my YouTube channel if you didn't get to see it. This is a great Keto friendly subscription box that provides items from artisans, farmer’s markets and small batch foods. It’s aimed at supporting small businesses while providing high quality goods. … Continue reading Keto Delivered Review – October 2015 Box