Keto Krate Review – November 2015


It’s time to rate the Krate!

According to their site:

Keto Krate is a monthly delivery of Keto friendly snacks. Each box includes 7-9 tasty snacks as well as unique recipes and useful advice. Dieting isn’t always the easiest. Make sticking to your diet and achieving your goals a little easier with the fun and surprise of different Keto friendly snacks to your door every month.

I did an unboxing earlier this month over on my YouTube channel if you didn’t get to see it.

The papers included in this month’s Krate:

This month was a little different and only included two papers.


What’s in the box? – broke down what came in the November Krate, including a short description of each item with price, net carbs & availability.

Product Discounts – this is a new addition to the papers normally included, it had different online discount codes that can be used to order additional product from some of the companies included in this month’s box.


The goods!


Grandpa’s Beef Jerky

retail price $11.99

net carbs per serving: 0g


First impression was a like.

This was the first item I tried out of the November box. It’s actually more like a beef snack stick in texture than a jerky but I really like it. There was just a hint of spice and a decent flavor overall, though it takes a lot for me to dislike a jerky.


Chocoperfection Bar

retail price $3.99

net carbs per serving: 2g


First impression was a big like!

It’s finally the time of year they can send out Keto friendly chocolate!!! Where I live sugar free chocolate that isn’t sweetened by Malitol is practically impossible to find! This brand is actually something that’s been at the top of my “try one day” list so I was definitely excited to see it included in the November box.


This was the creamiest piece of chocolate that I’ve had since starting Keto and it reminded my now sensitive taste buds of milk chocolate. My favorite part about Chocoperfection is how simple and fantastic the ingredients list is! It’s sweetened with things that have a naturally low glycemic impact, chicory root fiber & erythritol, and the overall list itself is a short one. I’m also happy to report that it doesn’t have a strong cooling effect that some things sweetened with erythritol can have.


I did originally plan on trying to use this in some Keto baking, probably cookies, but I was an impatient individual and just ate the whole thing as a snack…no regrets!

Pork Clouds

retail value $4.00

net carbs per serving: 0g


First impression was a like.

Pork clouds are a little puffier than a traditional pork rind and they kettle cook them in olive oil. I knew I would like these because I’m big on pork rinds in general and one of my favorite flavors is Mac’s salt & pepper. Though not available to me locally I have seen this brand posted by others and I’d be interested in trying the Cinnamon Ceylon flavor they make. The Malabar Black Pepper that we got to try was okay but it was exactly what you’d expect it to be, pork rinds that taste like pepper, lol. I used mine with some jalapeno sour cream dip as a snack.

Keto Bars

retail value $2.59

net carbs per serving: 2.5g


First impression was a meh.

It’s kind of like a reverse protein bar with 18g fat & 7g protein.

I mean it’s not horrible or dry but the taste was a 4/10 for me and it left a weird taste in my mouth, probably from the Stevia which is not something I enjoy. Sooo this one isn’t for me (I did like that it had coconut in it though).


Chef’s Cut Chicken Jerky

retail value $6.99

net carbs per serving: 2g


First impression was a unsure that turned into a like.

Y’all, y’all ya’ll…this chicken jerky is good! I wasn’t really sure about it but the meat is still a little moist, not completely dried out, and you can tell they used real chicken breast! It’s a good balance of Buffalo flavoring that gives you a nice burn without leaving your mouth on fire. The kind of sticky feeling on the chicken and bright orange coloring had me unsure at first but I’m glad I tried it.


Sarayo Sauce

retail value $4.00

net carbs per serving: .5g


First impression was a like.

Sarayo is one of the first repeat items that they’ve done, I’m actually about to finish the bottle I received in the first Keto Krate so I don’t mind. Sarayo is a pretty straight forward product, sriracha mayo, that packs a little punch. My favorite way to use Sarayo sauce is on fried eggs!


Flackers: Flax Seed Crackers

retail value: $5.99

net carbs per serving: 1g


First impression was a like.

Flackers are exactly what you’d assume they are from the name, flax seed crackers. I believe we received the savory flackers (there wasn’t a lable on the bag).

I’m not gonna lie I’ve seen these before at my local health food store but was hesitant to try them. I have trouble with items high in fiber from small seeds, but these were okay for me in small amounts. I actually use flax a lot but I use flax meal vs the whole flax seed myself because it’s easier on my digestive tract.

I did enjoy having something “cracker like” to eat, though the texture reminded me a little of a stale cracker the flavor was really nice. I topped mine with cream cheese, jalapeno slices and hot sauce.


Highly recommend at least trying these if you can handle small seeds without irritation! For me personally I probably can’t make these a staple in my diet, but I did like them.

Krunchy Melts Meringues

retail value: $2.59

net carbs per serving: 0g


First impression was a love!

This was another “repeat” item included in the Krate and one I’m happy to see! The chocolate krunchy melt meringues from the first Krate are still one of my favorite items they’ve had. Excited to get to try the strawberry this time, I had already planned on making an order to try some of the different flavors as a Christmas present to myself.

Straight forward strawberry flavoring, more like a strawberry shake flavor than a fresh strawberry though. These are actually one of the rare stevia sweetened items that I like!

Total Krate Retail Value listed at $42.14

I hope you enjoyed this break down and that you may have seen something you’ll want to track down and try yourself.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Keto Krate please use this referral link. My budget would greatly appreciate the help.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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