Keto Delivered Review – October 2015 Box

It’s already time for another Keto Delivered review! I did an unboxing earlier this month over on my YouTube channel if you didn’t get to see it.

This is a great Keto friendly subscription box that provides items from artisans, farmer’s markets and small batch foods. It’s aimed at supporting small businesses while providing high quality goods.

This subscription service is really good about providing recipes for most of the items supplied each month. To give ya’ll the best review possible I make it a point to try as many of these recipes as possible!

You’ll notice when reading this review that some of the words may be pink, those are hyperlinks that will take you to the site/recipe/video associated with what’s being mentioned. 🙂

Let’s get down to the good part.

The papers included in this month’s box.

This month the card that came in my box was for a previous Keto Delivered box due to some communication issues with the shipper. Once they realized the mistake they did email out a pdf of the card that was supposed to come!

A breakdown of the items included in the box. It gave a small description of the item, it’s retail value & listed the web address for the company that makes it.

Featured Recipe. This month’s featured recipe was Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites using the A&B NY Rooftop Pepper Sauce.


The Goods!

Zhena’s Tea – Coconut Chai

serving size: 1 satchet


Retail Value $6.99

Zhena’s creates small batch, artisan crafted organic teas to delight your senses, please your palate and to enhance your life with health and happiness.

Was pleasantly surprised to find this included in the box because I’ve been looking for a good chai and I love green tea in general. Love this, it’s really refreshing and tea can be a great way to end your day especially with a dash of heavy cream!

There was actually a Coconut Chai Infused Mug Cake recipe to go with this tea using the green tea packet like a seasoning packet. This was my first time actually making a mug cake and it wasn’t a disappointment, I found it to be light tasting and kind of refreshing.



Jacobsen Stumptown Coffee Salt


Retail Value $11.95

Jacobsen Salt Co. hand-harvests sea salt from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast. Their infused flake finishing salts use the finest ingredients to create exceptional culinary experiences.

You actually had a 50/50 chance on which finishing salt came in your box. I got the Stumptown coffee finishing salt, the other was a Lemon Zest. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little disappointed in getting the coffee flavor instead of the lemon but that’s because I absolutely LOVE lemon flavored things & the lemon & thyme butter salmon recipe looked a little more appealing than the coffee infused ribeye steak.

That being said I actually really liked this one! My steak may not be the prettiest but it sure was delicious, decided to go with the classic pairing of steak and eggs.


Field Trip – Original Jerky

serving size: 1 oz (28g)

net carbs per serving: 3g

kcal: 80  protein: 14g  fat: 1g  sugars: 3g


Retail Value $6.50

Field Trip Jerky is a protein-packed, portable and healthy snack, perfect for fueling any adventure. Field Trip Jerky is all natural and does not contain MSG, nitrates, preservatives or corn syrup.

Whenever I review a jerky 9/10 times I say it will take a lot for me not to like a jerky… well guys, it’s finally happened, I DO NOT LIKE THIS JERKY. I honestly never thought I’d type those words.

I don’t know if it’s because my taste buds are now sensitive to sweet flavors but this jerky tasted like fruity pepper. It bothered me enough that I took a look at the ingredients and saw that they use brown sugar, apple juice & pineapple juice (no wonder it tasted fruity).


At 3g net carbs and 3g sugar a serving this jerky is just not for me.


Empire White Truffle Mayo

serving size: 13g

net carbs per serving: 0g

kcal: 100  protein: 0g  fat: 11g  sugars: 0g


Retail Value $8

Artisanal mayonnaise made in small batches by chef Sam Mason. Their mayo flavors range from tame to extreme and are made in Brooklyn, NY.

This is a very distinct tasting mayo but I enjoyed it. I love my mayo on just about anything but there was a Elevated White Truffle Slaw recipe to go along with this one. I paired it with the featured recipe for this box, the Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites.

I am a little curious about their ghost pepper mayo and rosemary mayo so maybe one day (if I have money to spend) I might try a different one.


A&B NY Rooftop Pepper Sauce

serving size: 7g

net carbs per serving: 0g

kcal: 0  protein: 0g  fat: 0g  sugars: 0g


Retail Value $8

A&B American Style NYC Rooftop Pepper Sauce is made with chilies grown in NYC on a Rooftop farm (that was clear from the name, right?). Simple. No sugar. Nothing artificial. Just food in your food.

Hands down my favorite product in this box! It’s just a really good straight forward no nonsense pepper sauce. I can see myself buying this again as well as trying some of their other sauces in the future.

The pepper sauce also came with my favorite recipe! The Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites were awesome and will 100% be a repeat in my kitchen. It’s the closest I’ve been to a chicken nugget since starting Keto, they’re like chicken nuggets for grown ups and they reheat well.



Total box Retail Value listed at $41.44

The retail value is actually more than what you pay, the Keto Delivered box runs for $34.99 + $5 flat rate shipping. I like a good deal!

I hope this helped someone out and if you’re interested in more info check out the Keto Delivered website.

Just a heads up, my next Keto Delivered review will probably be a little different than the “September box” that was shipped out. Due to a little mix up with my shipping I didn’t actually get one sent out. BUT I just want to say that Craig with Keto Delivered has amazing customer service! He had the issue figured out for me the next day and has already worked out a solution that I’m happy with. I love being a customer of a company who actually cares about you getting your product.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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