Friday Update – 12/18/15

I’m alive, promise!

I’ll get back to my normal schedule after the holidays.

I’ve gotten into such a normal routine with Keto that’s it’s just part of my everyday now. It’s such a normal part of my life that I didn’t even notice that I’ve reached like 110% of my original weight loss goals! I’m lower than my original My Fitness Pal goal weight, I’m in single digit pant sizes & the other day I was wearing my goal shirt comfortably without noticing it was my goal shirt (which means everything in my closet fits or is too big).

I think I didn’t notice these goals because I’m no longer thinking of this as a diet to lose weight, it’s now my normal lifestyle to treat health issues.

Today I reached a new low and a new loss milestone of 65lbs down.


NSV of the week :

My life isn’t perfect but I’m actually happy lately, genuinely happy. As someone with a history of depression this is the biggest NSV I could ever ask for.  🙂

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.



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