Friday Update – 02/19/16


Not much has changed weight wise for me in the past month but I know why, I’m having trouble staying at a deficit and it’s showing. I haven’t gained, but I also haven’t lost, and I’ve kind of put myself in a weight limbo.

I have no trouble admitting that even after 409 days of tracking Keto I still do not have a healthy relationship with food, I probably never will. The fact that I know and acknowledge this puts me in a better place than when I started. I was living in hard DENIAL over a year ago about my over eating and I was definitely a secret eater. I’m working on finding a coping mechanism that will work for me when these bouts of “stuff all the things into my face” happen, though the foods I over indulge in now do a lot less damage than my old eating binges (it’s still not a healthy cycle to be stuck in).

I’ll do a longer post on that topic this week. Something that has changed is that I now jog! After Lyla’s last vet visit she weighed in at 92 lbs!! She’s not overweight but the vet basically prescribed exercise so she wouldn’t continue to gain weight and of course I try to do everything I can to improve the life of my little peanut butter princess.


So a couple of weeks ago we both started the C25K program and the shocking thing is I’m starting to love it! I look forward to run days now and if you even mention the words “walk”, “run” or “go” to Lyla Grace she loses her mind from excitement. We both need the endurance training of a program like C25K though, I’m not the only one out of shape.

Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely despise the actual jogging while it’s happening but I love the feeling of completing a C25K session without dying! The way Couch to 5K works is through interval training, going through varying rounds of walking and running. I’m on the last day of Week 3 (repeated week 2 due to missing a day) and can jog for 3 consecutive minutes without hyperventilating. Now jogging may be a gracious description b/c I’m going about as fast as an old person power walking, it’s more of a brisk trot for Lyla, but I’m moving and can feel the muscles in my legs improving. Breath control has actually been my biggest struggle, this article on how you shouldn’t be winded really helped me out and made the biggest difference in being able to actually finish my jogging session.

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It’s all worth it though b/c Lyla is already starting to lose some of the 10 lbs of stomach pudge she gained last year, oh the hard life of an inside spoiled pup. I’ll do anything to make my girl smile. 🙂


Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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