Friday Update – 03/04/16


Guys. Guy! GUYS! We just finished W5D3 of C25K without stopping, hyperventilating or dying!!! That a 5 minute warm up walk then 20 minutes of NON STOP JOGGING. What is this life? Now don’t get me wrong it felt like 20 minutes, I probably checked the time every 5 minutes, but I could have gone a little longer than that if I needed to. Lyla did require a few potty breaks but we circled back around to gather that… just meant a longer cool down, lol.

I did struggle some this week with portion control/over eating, it could have been worse/better. I’m .5 up on the scale, but considering the exercise I’m doing and the couple of days where I went over on calories it’s not that surprising. Hoping to do a little better this coming week by being prepared. Meal prep is def happening this weekend!

Now please excuse me while I go enjoy my little happy buzz from jogging. 🙂

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!


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