Watch “March 2016 Keto Delivered Unboxing” on YouTube


Here’s my unboxing video for the March 2016 Keto Delivered subscription box!

It’s a low carb and keto friendly subscription service that provides items from artisans, farmer’s markets and small batch foods. It’s aimed at supporting small businesses while providing high quality goods.

Strollo’s Beef Jerky
kcal – 80 protein – 12g fat – 3.5g carb – 0g fiber – 0g

Glory Kitchen – cairo nut & spice
kcal – ? protein – ? fat – ? carb – ? fiber -?

Buff Bake – Snickerdoodle Protein Almond Spread
kcal – 190 protein – 11g fat – 14g carb – 7g fiber – 3g (NET = 4g)

Buff Bake – Red Velvet Protein Peanut Spread
kcal – 200 protein – 11g fat – 14g carb – 9g fiber – 5g (NET = 4g)

Kettle & Fire – Beef Bone Broth
kcal – 30 protein – 6g fat – 0g carb – 2g fiber – 0g

Coffee Booster
kcal – 120 protein – ? fat – 12g carb – 1g fiber – 0g

The Subscription Service


Until my next post just remember,
Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


One thought on “Watch “March 2016 Keto Delivered Unboxing” on YouTube

  1. shesafrozenfire says:

    I’ve never heard of this subscription! It’s very intriguing.:)
    Bone broth is all the rage now. I’m a serious cook and make my own stocks, which are basically bone broth. Done right, the end result has a lot of body, and when chilled, are rather gelatinous, because you’ve extracted the collagen from the bones and created gelatin. There is nothing like homemade stock!
    I’ll admit, making the beef stock does take a whole, because I simmer the broth for a minimum of 18 hours. Longer is better.
    You can get a really nice, gelatinous chicken stock/bone broth in a day, though. Great, nourishing stuff!

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