Friday Update – 04/15/16

This is going to a little longer than my usual Friday Update but I have a few things to share! Last Friday I celebrated turning 27 years young and was too swept up in birthday festivities to check in, sorry guys. I’m going to give y’all my general update first then I’ll post all the birthday fun below!

I’ve been a little sick the past few days, so no weigh in for me (but I’d assume I’m still sitting between 160-163 which is my new plateau weight). I have been coming to terms with my new body though, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been at the same weight for a little while but it’s like my visual recognition of the weight loss just suddenly clicked. It’s kind of a relief actually, my mental perception of my current condition always seems to be a few steps behind when it comes to change.

I’ve also been learning about my own food limits, even after 465 days of tracking I’m still finding out what does and does not work for me. I’ve started to form a “not for me” foods list of different things my system cannot tolerate. So far I have red bell pepper, chia seeds & almond flour recipes – I’m worried I might have to add dairy to the list as well. I’m going to start eliminating certain items from my daily diet, then I plan to slowly reintroduce them one at a time to see what my food sensitivities are.

Now on to the Birthday fun!

On Thursday last week I lost a different kind of weight and got a long overdue haircut, I feel so much lighter and ready for summer now!


I also just want to brag on my family a bit, they are seriously some of the most supporting and awesome people, can’t imagine where I’d be without them. On my actual Birthday (Friday) my Mom surprised me by taking me out for lunch, greek food is sooo good and it’s been a little while since I’ve gotten a schwarma fix.


After lunch I got a flower delivery at work from my Northern family members (the name list has gotten longer than the message on the card, lol) and the basket this year was just gorgeous, even came with a fun balloon. My Dad called it a 3D birthday card, lmao!


Then my brother seriously surprised me when I got home with a really thoughtful present! He had this awesome display of drinks, sf candy & fresh cracklins set up for me when I walked in the door, I almost ruined his surprise b/c I got off work early (oops). Hidden under a box in the middle there was a pair of Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headphones!!! I’ve had these babies on my Amazon wishlist for over  a year now, omfg I was beyond excited. Now my runs are going to be so much better, no more cord battle. I’ll do a full review of them for y’all in the coming future once I really get to try them out.


I did end up making my own “birthday cake” this year.  I went with some mini brownie crust cheesecakes (modified from this recipe) to share with some homemade candied walnuts for toppings (just halved my candied pecan recipe and used walnuts). I also made a low carb chocolate pb dirt cake that was AMAZING, I used an espresso nib peanut butter that came in a previous Keto Delivered box and that little hint of coffee paired so well with the chocolate and pb!

20160409_100953.jpg 20160408_125743-1.jpg 20160408_080633-1.jpg

I know I’m overloading y’all with pics this week, sorry about that. Saturday I went with my Mom to a Cirque du Soleil show and it was amazing, this one was titled Ovo and it was themed around bugs. The stage set up was really clever and there was a GIANT egg just sitting in the middle before the show started.


I finished the weekend festivities with a nice lunch out with my brother at Texas Roadhouse on Sunday, seriously my favorite keto friendly restaurant. Got the steak and shrimp, omg so good, with a side salad and some green beans.


Also I have to tell y’all how much I love the Keto Instagram community, I was seriously feeling the love!


All in all I’d say it was a fantastic weekend!!!

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!


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