Friday Update – 04/29/16

Things are looking up this week! I’m starting to get back on top of staying under my kcal deficit. I think removing diet soda’s and most artificial sweeteners has seriously helped me stop the over eating. I’m not back down to my lowest but I have dropped 3.5 lbs of the water weight I’ve been holding on to and that is great motivation that I’m doing something right.

I’ve also been getting back into a regular gym routine now that it’s warming up. As much as I love jogging outside with Lyla Grace I do not do well when exercising in the heat and not even Keto can make me enough of a morning person to get up and go jog before work! I have really been enjoying trying out the fitness tracking part of my FitBit Blaze, love looking at the statistics/numbers it gives me for each workout!


Today’s update is just going to be a quick one, it’s been busy at work all morning. Decided to have a Treat Yo Self moment for lunch! One double Whopper (no mayo, no ketchup), then I removed the bun myself and added mayo when assembling to make it easier (there’s a stash of mayo packets in my desk, lol). Also splurged (both money & calorie wise) on a Venti Iced Americano from Starbucks (4 pumps sf vanilla, 2 pumps sf cinnamon dolce & heavy cream). That coffee is also the first thing I’ve had this week that uses artificial sweeteners, 5 days strong with no diet soda!


Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!


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