Keto Krate – January 2016

It’s time to rate the Krate! (a little late)

I promised I was going to catch up on my subscription reviews and I’m a woman of my word! I may be missing a few things I normally list with my reviews because I’ve misplaced a few of the item cards that come with each box but with a little internet leg work I’ve filled in some of the info blanks. Enjoy!

According to their site:

Keto Krate is a monthly delivery of Keto friendly snacks. Each box includes 7-9 tasty snacks as well as unique recipes and useful advice. Dieting isn’t always the easiest. Make sticking to your diet and achieving your goals a little easier with the fun and surprise of different Keto friendly snacks to your door every month.

I did an unboxing over on my YouTube channel if you didn’t get to see it.


The goods!

Cello Whisps

serving size: 18 g

kcal: 100  protein: 9 g  fat: 7 g  sugar: 0 g  net carbs: 0.5 g


First impression was a love.

These are by far the best Parmesan crisps I’ve tried to date! They are the right combo of light and crunchy that can be eaten as a stand alone snack or paired with a dip. I’ve yet to find them in my area but if I ever do I can guarantee they will be a staple in my cabinet. They don’t have the burnt cheese flavor that some cheese crisps tend to carry and that’s refreshing.


Emerald Nuts: Cocoa Roast

serving size: 1 pack (18 g)

kcal: 100  protein: 4 g  fat: 8 g  sugar: 1 g  net carbs: 2 g


First impression was a like!

This is actually a snack that I’ve enjoyed before even starting Keto! The almonds are perfectly roasted with a nice dusting cocoa powder, really helps satisfy a quick chocolate craving. I find that the 100 calorie pack is a perfect snack size portion that is easy to keep in my purse or desk for a quick snack emergency. It’s really easy to over consume nuts when snacking so the pre portioned pack is a bit of a life saver for me.


Big John’s Beef Jerky

serving size: 1 oz

kcal: 45  protein: 8 g  fat: 1 g  sugar: ? g  net carbs: 1 g


First impression was a yes please.

This one pulled me out of a little jerky lull I had been stuck in. It’s a straight forward, lightly seasoned, chewy jerky that’s not too hard and very delicious! At 3.5 g carbs for the entire 3.5 oz package you can pretty much guarantee I ate the whole thing in one sitting…



Good Dee’s Cookie Mix

serving size: 1/12 dry mix (21 g)

kcal: 70  protein: 2 g  fat: 6 g  sugar: 0 g  net carbs: 2 g


First impression was a freakin love.


So this isn’t the first time I’ve had this cookie mix, it’s more like the 4th batch I’ve made & that’s because they’re awesome! This is the first time I’ve made them with coconut oil though, still good but I think I prefer when they’re made with butter. It’s a pre made cookie mix that uses milled sunflower seeds and is sweetened using erythritol. 10/10



Gorilly Goods: Pumpkin Seeds & Kale

serving size: 3 oz (85 g)

kcal: 0  protein: 0 g  fat: 0 g  sugar: 0 g  net carbs: 0 g


First impression was a like.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of raw pumpkin seeds I did like this mix, especially the little bits of kale. The “savory” flavor was a little overwhelming after a while so I didn’t end up eating the whole package but I really did like this and you can tell they made it using quality ingredients. This was a nice change of pace snack wise but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.



Vermont Smoke & Cure: Chipotle

serving size: 1 oz

kcal: 80  protein: 6 g  fat: 6 g  sugar: 0 g  net carbs: 0 g


First impression was a love!

The only thing I can say about this chipotle beef & pork stick is yassssssssss! Simply delicious, it’s the perfect blend of chipotle spices with an extremely pleasing beef stick texture. I’ve purchased this snack stick on several occasions since first trying it and I will probably pick it up again in the future.



Zenify Zero

serving size: 1 drink

kcal: 10  protein: 0 g  fat: 0 g  sugar: 0 g  net carbs: 0 g


First impression was a meh.

This one isn’t for me, the taste was a little too sweet. I kept it in my fridge for a few months before trying it b/c I never really found myself in the need of stress relief drink, I usually just enjoy a nice glass of hot tea!

Coco Polo Chocolate

serving size: 40 g

kcal: 190  protein: 4 g  fat: 19 g  sugar: 1 g  net carbs: 2 g


First impression was a give me more!

This chocolate may be sugar free but it definitely isn’t calorie free, lol. Sweet baby J is this chocolate good though! This bar has whole toasted almonds and the texture of creamy milk chocolate, a truly magic combo. It is sweetened mainly with erythritol and stevia (we all know how I feel about stevia) but it surprisingly doesn’t carry a strong stevia aftertaste. Definitely my favorite item from this Krate.

I hope you enjoyed this break down and that you may have seen something you’ll want to track down and try yourself.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Keto Krate please use this referral link. My budget would greatly appreciate the help.

Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


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