Weekend Eats 2 | Two full days of eating Keto / Low Carb


Even though I was feeling a little under the weather I still managed to finish my second full weekend of eating video for y’all! These are my Keto / Low Carb meals from Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 17th & 18th. I’m going to include time stamps for each recipe next to their title because I know this video ends up being a little long.

Had a successful weekend of hitting my macros and even tried out a new hummus recipe! I also started a written food journal to track my keto and low carb eating habits a little more in hopes of working through my overeating, I’ll share more about that in my Friday Update this week.


Eggs, Sausage & Dirty Chai Tea [0:03]

Had a quick breakfast of 2 large eggs, 2 oz of hot breakfast sausage with a dirty chai tea on the side. I added 1/4 cup of cashew milk and 1 splenda packet to the tea, the tea is a dirty chai made by celestial tea house and is a chai + espresso blend.
kcal – 342 protein – 25g fat – 25g carbs – 2g fiber – 0g NET = 2g



Chicken BLT Wraps [1:51]

This was a simple yet very delicious meal that I will probably repeat soon. I used 4 oz of leftover rotisserie chicken from Kroger, 3 strips of roasted bacon from Kroger, 60 g of fresh tomato, 41 g romaine, 1 mayo packet = to 1 serving of may, a little mustard, salt & pepper.
kcal – 459 protein – 33g fat – 35g carbs – 4g fiber – 2g NET = 2g



Zoodles & Italian Sausage [4:20]

For dinner I used 150 g of zoodles (zucchini), 1/2 cup of spicy marinara, 1 oz of a parmesan & romano cheese blend and paired it with 1 link of the Carando Venetian Italian Sausage. This was a pretty filling meal and definitely filled my craving for Italian food.
kcal – 456 protein – 25g fat – 32g carbs – 13g fiber – 3g NET = 10g



Egg, Bacon & Butter Coffee [9:00]

For breakfast on Sunday I went with a single large egg, 3 strips of roasted bacon from Kroger and made a butter coffee to go with. The coffee has 1/2 tbsp of Kerrygold butter & 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil that was all blended together with my immersion blender until smooth. I don’t do butter coffee very often because I haven’t really developed a taste for it, though it does help me stay fuller longer.
kcal – 336 protein – 17g fat – 30g carbs – 0g fiber – 0g NET = 0g



Cucumber Dill Hummus & Cucumber Slices [10:09]

I was still full from my late breakfast so I wanted something really light to snack on. I can’t take credit for this recipe, I found it on one of my favorite blogs (Healthy Gamer Girl) and this Cucumber Dill Hummus is pretty darn good for homemade! It probably helps that I love both cucumber & dill, I served it with 63 g of fresh cucumber slices for a nice crunch.
kcal – 53 protein – 2g fat – 2g carbs – 7g fiber – 2g NET = 5g



Carando Salami & Mozzarella [12:34]

Before dinner I just grabbed a quick snack because the peppers were going to be a little while in the oven. I found this little snack pack of salami and mozzarella at my local Kroger recently and I love it, I love pretty much everything I’ve tried from Carando actually.
kcal – 120 protein – 8g fat – 9g carbs – 0g fiber – 0g NET = 0g



Pizza Stuffed Bell Peppers [13:07]

I had a TON of macros to fill at the end of Sunday so I went for two pizza stuffed bell peppers, these babies are everything that’s right about a supreme pizza. I used 2 bell pepper (205 g), 2 oz of diced pepperoni, 3 oz of hot breakfast sausage, 2 oz of mozzarella & 1/4 cup of spicy marinara. I still have some tweaking to do with the recipe to get the bell pepper a little softer but this will definitely be a new staple for me.
kcal – 791 protein – 49g fat – 59 carbs – 15g fiber – 5g NET = 10g


Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Eats 2 | Two full days of eating Keto / Low Carb

  1. Terri says:

    Wow – that was wonderful – I enjoyed watching every minute and appreciate the effort you put in to give the details of each recipe. Looking forward to trying some of these for myself – YUM!

    Liked by 1 person

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