Weekend Eats 3 | Two full days of eating Keto / Low Carb


This is two full days of eating Keto / Low Carb! I was out and about for part of the weekend so I didn’t do a lot of cooking at home this time. Make sure to check nutrition info if possible before going to a new restaurant so you can be prepared!



Jimmy John’s Club Lulu Unwich [0:04]

I love Jimmy John’s b/c the unwich, a lettuce wrapped sandwich, is a regular part of their menu! No special request required. I got the #16 Club Lulu which is turkey, bacon, tomato & mayo wrapped in a large leaf of lettuce.

kcal – 380 protein – 25.6g fat – 30.1g carb – 3g



Gouda dip, pork rinds & parm crisps. [1:18]

For a mid afternoon snack I decided to try out the new Daily Chef Caramelized Onion Gouda Bacon Dip I found at Sam’s. I wasn’t sure which would be better for dipping so I also had 1 serving of pork rinds and 1 serving of parmesan crisps, it definitely goes better with the parm crisps.

kcal – 260 protein – 16g fat – 19g carb – 3g



Cream Cheese Pancakes w/ reduced blueberries. [2:45]

I still had quite a bit of wiggle room in my macros when it came to dinner Saturday night so I decided to try something new. I’d been craving something blueberry for a while so I decided to make some blueberry cream cheese pancakes. The pancakes were made using 2 servings of Arla Blueberry cream cheese, 2 large eggs, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 1 tsp Swerve & 1/4 tsp baking powder. I cooked them at a medium heat in a skillet that was sprayed with coconut oil spray, this cream cheese was a little thinner than my normal mix so I may not repeat it. The reduced blueberry sauce was made by heating and mashing 25g of blueberries then adding in 1/2 tbsp of swerve until cooked down into a mix resembling jam. I also topped the pancakes with 1 tbsp of kerrygold butter and 1/4 cup of sf maple syrup. The sides were 4 strips of oscar meyer bacon and 1 oz of hot breakfast sausage.

kcal – 671 protein – 35g fat – 52g carb – 12g fiber – 1g NET = 11g



Bacon Temptation Omelet & Coffee. [6:53]

This was my first time going to IHOP since starting Keto and this Bacon Temptation Omelet was calling my name! I highly suggest checking nutrition info before going to a new restaurant if possible b/c you’d be surprised where carbs can be hidden. I looked this up the night before so I could plan my day around it but this innocent looking omelet actually comes in at a whopping 15g Net carbs, you read that right. I believe they either put pancake batter in the omelet to make it fluffier or it made up from the tomatoes and a possible thickener in the cheese sauce, either way always double check before ordering! I also downed pretty much the entire pitcher of coffee that was left at my table, I brought my own Splenda packet that I split between the 4 or so cups I had. This omelet was both my breakfast and lunch on Sunday, pretty much my  main meal for Sunday.

kcal – 1080 protein – 64g fat – 85g carb – 16g fiber – 1g NET = 15g



Gouda dip & parm crisps. [9:03]

I didn’t have much room left after that calorie bomb of an omelet so I just had a snacky dinner. 1 serving of the Caramelized Onion Gouda Bacon dip & 1.5 servings of parm crisps. I didn’t notice until after I already shot the footage for the weekend eats video but I shorted myself 1/2 a serving of parm crisps… whoops.

kcal – 230 protein – 12g fat – 18g carb – 3g


Until my new post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!

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