Navigating Fast Food – Friday Update 03/10/17

Happy Friday y’all!

I figured it was time to get back into the habit of posting my weekly updates to keep myself accountable and to get in the habit of regularly blogging, I miss the therapeutic nature of it.

I’m someone who generally functions best with planning and a good routine, but some days things just don’t go according to plan (OK, most days). Today I woke up and while getting ready for work it dawned on me that sleepy Katie didn’t pack a lunch last night! Now I’m just not a morning person so my little morning routine is short and simple, meaning there is no extra time to pack something. So this is where planning comes into play for me.

Always plan for the unexpected!

Knowing that this is something that will happen from time to time I have already done my research and figured out what “fast food” options might work best for me in a pinch, and which of those options are easy for me to get to from my office.

When creating a “fast food game plan” always check to see if the restaurant you’re considering makes the nutrition info available on their website, some even go as far as letting you customize your order so you can get exact macros. If that’s not an option make educated guesses and play it safe the rest of the day, you can’t ALWAYS track exact macros so don’t stress tooo much if you get in a pinch and have to guesstimate.

Normally I’d head to Wendy’s because it’s the closest resteraunt and the one by my office has gotten really good at preparing bunless burgers for me, but today I decided to treat myself to a Jimmy John’s unwich. If you’re nervous about “special requests” some restaurants have low carb options already built into their normal menu like Jimmy John’s, you can have any sandwich prepared in a lettuce wrapped unwich . I’ve never had anyone yell at me when I asked them to hold the bun on my burger, they may have sounded confused or looked at me a little weird but that doesn’t really bother me anymore. As someone who is shy becoming comfortable with asking for “special requests” when ordering food was a small process but worth pushing through, if you still don’t feel comfortable enough to ask for “no bun” you can always remove it yourself later.

It’s all about what works for you.

I’ll come up with a more detailed “fast food guide” post soon, for now I’ll just share the wonder that is the #9 Italian Nightclub unwich w/added hot peppers. Even went crazy and got one of their Jumbo Kosher Dill pickles, shared it with my coworker b/c that’s a lot of pickle.


I’m off to eat my lunch so until next time just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate!

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