Hi ya’ll!

I’m making this blog to help share information, recipes and updates about my journey with the Ketogenic way of eating.


First let me introduce myself a little. I’m just a 20 something trying to find her way in life while working towards becoming a happy and healthy “adult” (do we really ever grow up). I love reading, cooking, video games, art and my dog.


Lyla Grace

I’m in no way a Keto expert, just another person trying to fumble their way to being healthy, but I wanted to start this blog in the hopes that I can help at least one person on their journey. I know this way of eating was a little overwhelming for me when I first started and I looked into it for a year before I even gave it a try. It took me two attempts but Keto has become something that works for me personally. I’ve already lost about 55 lbs in the 200+ days I’ve been tracking, my face was at one time very round, and that’s why I know this way of eating works for me. The major weight loss is a huge plus but my main reason for this lifestyle is treating my PCOS and insulin resistance.


The Ketogenic diet is simply explained as low carb, moderate protein & high fat. “Oh my god did you just say high fat!” Yes, yes I did. I know it’s the opposite of what you’ve been hearing for most of your life but learn to not fear the fats, healthy fats become your fuel on keto. “But fat makes you FAT and will CLOG your arteries!”. No, no that’s not really how it works (you should really be more afraid of sugar). When in nutritional Ketosis your body burns fat instead of glucose. The rule of thumb with carbohydrates when first starting is 20g net carbohydrates or less, some function at higher levels but this usally is a catch all number for first starting. I know what you’re thinking “but you NEED some carbohydrates”, but in truth your liver should produce all the glucose your body needs to function. It’s all about finding balance, but once you get it all straightened out I believe this way of eating is sustainable because it is truly satisfying.

I want to really encourage anyone who’s thinking about giving Keto a go to do some research for yourself, you should always learn about something before trying it. Not only will it help you make more informed decisions but it will arm you in being successful. Here’s a few helpful links!

r/keto FAQ

Keto In a Nutshell

Keto Calculator

Just keep in mind this way of eating may not be for everyone.

I hope this is helpful. Until my next post just remember,

Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Linda Primeaux says:

    I’ve done Dr Adkins successfully twice. I love low carb diets! I’m always looking for ideas for new foods/recipes to try. Maybe I can share a few of my recipes with you too.
    I love your pictures! You look amazing! So proud of the beautiful woman you’ve grown into 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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