I made a YouTube Channel Ya’ll!

I finally did it! I worked through the camera issues, editing frustration & getting over how my voice sounds on video all for ya'll. How can you resist watching it when I make such beautiful faces! It's still in the rough stages but I hope to have grocery hauls, unboxing videos, updates, informational type stuff … Continue reading I made a YouTube Channel Ya’ll!


Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

I figured it was time I explained the way I end my blog posts. Until my next post just remember, Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate. This is actually a reminder for myself. It's the mantra that goes through my head to keep me on track with Keto. Hydration, Satiation & Celebration are three things that I always need … Continue reading Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.


Hi ya'll! I'm making this blog to help share information, recipes and updates about my journey with the Ketogenic way of eating. First let me introduce myself a little. I'm just a 20 something trying to find her way in life while working towards becoming a happy and healthy "adult" (do we really ever grow … Continue reading Hello!