Buffalo Chicken Thigh Burgers

It feels like a lifetime ago now that I embarked on my journey to build a better chicken burger... okay, okay, it was more like two weeks ago (but who's really counting). After dozens of variations attempted and way too much protein consumed I narrowed it down to a simple flavor combo that is pure … Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Thigh Burgers


Moving on from 2016

The amount that can change within 365 days is amazing, the amount that can change without you actively noticing is even more astonishing. The first sentence from my An Unexpected Year post has never been more true, but in 2016 the things that changed were not for the better. I am not a perfect person and … Continue reading Moving on from 2016

I’m alive!

I'm alive, I swear! I ended up taking an unplanned mental health break for a little while but I'm coming back. I'll have a video update posted tomorrow on how I've been doing the past few weeks. Apologies for disappearing but I really needed the break. Until my next post just remember, Hydrate. Satiate. Celebrate.

A Year for Growth

I know this is the time of year for resolutions & goals, I hope y'all don't mind if a take a moment to be a little more open and real than usual. Of course I plan on getting to the gym more, tracking my food better & posting more regularly on my blog & youtube channel (but I've had those goals for a while now). Instead of making a list of resolutions this year I made a list of ways to improve as a whole human if possible.