Crispy Pan Fried Quesadilla

I have always been a lover of crispy, cheesy, melty Quesadillas and thanks to low carb tortillas I don’t have to give that love up! What’s my secret to a beautifully crispy Quesadilla every time? Well, it’s coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fabulous source of healthy fats that’s wonderful for cooking with as a … Continue reading Crispy Pan Fried Quesadilla

Crispy Skillet Pizza

  Pizza is love, pizza is life. There’s no reason to give up pizza when on a ketogenic or low carb diet! With a simple cheese base the only thing limiting the possibilities for this crispy pizza is your imagination. I skipped the middle man and went straight to the delicious toppings. A lot of … Continue reading Crispy Skillet Pizza

Mississippi Pot Roast

  This is the best crock pot recipe I’ve come across., minimal effort with maximum taste. (Every recipe should really be that way!) This is great if you meal prep on a ketogenic or low carb diet because you get anywhere from 8-12 servings of delicious protein depending on the size of your roast. I … Continue reading Mississippi Pot Roast

Cheese Shells

There’s no reason to give up on hand held tacos when going low carb! This is a great portable food alternative if you are following a Ketogenic or low carb lifestyle, even if you don’t this is still an awesome option to switch things up on Taco Tuesday. You just need one simple ingredient: CHEESE! … Continue reading Cheese Shells

Low Carb Waffles

I have been and always will be a big fan of everything breakfast! I’m happy that I’ve finally found a low carb waffle recipe that I like, I’ve been trying to figure one out for a while. After trying different recipes that just used coconut flour I still found them to be a little more … Continue reading Low Carb Waffles