Moving on from 2016

The amount that can change within 365 days is amazing, the amount that can change without you actively noticing is even more astonishing. The first sentence from my An Unexpected Year post has never been more true, but in 2016 the things that changed were not for the better. I am not a perfect person and … Continue reading Moving on from 2016


My YouTube Channel is up to date!

Thanks to some stormy weather I finally had the time to get my YouTube Channel up to date! There are four new videos over there: my latest Keto update, my Mom's first intro/grocery haul, the April Keto Delivered unboxing & my first Favorites video for April. I hope y'all enjoy them! Until my next post … Continue reading My YouTube Channel is up to date!

Watch “Friday Update w/ KtO_ Keto – 03/11/16” on YouTube Another day of C25K down! Nothing toooo exciting happened this week, down about half a pound but still above my lowest weight. My legs do feel stronger though, I think after 7ish weeks of jogging I'm starting to build up some muscle!!! Hope everyone had a great week. Until my next post just remember, … Continue reading Watch “Friday Update w/ KtO_ Keto – 03/11/16” on YouTube